Year: 2015
Team: Ivan Mattaliano, Francesca Bellodi
Location: Modena

The health and beauty store is situated in the entrance square hospital of Modena.
Its location is a crossing point, attended by students, hospital staff and people visiting patients.
Our main ambition was to create a bright environment able to attract the attention of passers through the use of light, color and furniture.
The architectural project was inspired by the new requirements of the relationship between customer and product, attempting to eliminate the concept of direct selling.
The objective was to create a functional area in which the customer can freely move; the products are placed along the pharmacy’s perimeter, on white metal shelves highlighted by spotlights and LED strips that create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere.
In the central space of the pharmacy there are two displays, whose design logic reflects that of the counter; they are are made up of metal sections that incorporate within them full volumes and empty spaces in birch wood and hold on the surface blue folded steel boxes.
The same color can be found on the glass surface of the counter.
The considerable internal height, allowed to create a mezzanine used as warehouse and small office.
The mezzanine is accessible from the staircase which is located behind the counter and it is closed by perforated panels that allow the passage of light creating cuts of light on the walls.