Year: 2015
Team: IvanMattaliano, Andrea Piergianni; Francesca Bellodi
Location: Miami Ironside

FUORICASA Outdoor design

Fuoricasa is an innovative Company which provides an array of outdoor state-of-the-art italian design furnishings devoted to open living spaces.
FC Team is formed by professional Architects and highly creative Interior Designers which help build your envision. It also includes an in-house General Contractor which expedites the value and time of each project, from concept to completion.
When you chose FC for your next home project, you will be getting an affirmation of refinement and elegance that will stand the test of time.
In addition, our company provides a variety of options to bring the utmost protection against outdoor hazards into the most secure indoor environment, fusing exquisite finishes with strength and durability.
FC provides integrated solutions for both high-end residential and commercial spaces, including but not limited to : outdoors, outdoor kitchens & BBQ, pool areas, landscaping. Residential: Luxury apartments, Villas, Estates ;
Commercial: Hotels & Resorts, Pool areas, Restaurants, Lounges, Clubs ;